Sisters Arise!

Have you had an abortion?  If so, you are on my mind today.  Dear sister, you are one of the reasons I feel so compelled to speak out about what is happening in our nation regarding abortion.  Please bear with me as I sort through what I want to say.  I promise I will come back to you in a minute.

My heart is indeed heavy and I am so angry. 

Did you hear the news?  Yesterday an undercover video surfaced that was filmed in July 2014 by the Center for Medical Progress, an advocacy group that reports on medical ethics. They sent two actors posing as representatives of a human biologics company to a business lunch with Deborah Nucatola, Planned Parenthood’s senior director of medical services.

While sipping wine and enjoying a lovely salad, this woman spoke rather bluntly about Planned Parenthood’s business of selling body parts of aborted babies to the highest bidder.  She explains how with certain techniques, they can preserve and sell specific organs. 

Her words, “We’ve been very good at getting heart, lung, liver, because we know that, so I’m not gonna crush that part I’m gonna basically crush below, I’m gonna crush above, and I’m gonna see if I can get it all intact.”

“CRUSH”…..and God weeps.

I won’t share the video here, but feel free to google it – it’s easy to find.  I finally watched it this morning and I am still nauseated.  As Matt Walsh said yesterday in his column for The Blaze, you cannot be shocked.  Sick, disgusted, sad, heart-broken, but don’t you dare be shocked.  This should not surprise any of us and if it does, shame on us for not paying attention!

Planned Parenthood is the vilest agency in this world.  They rake in millions of dollars every year providing abortions to anyone and everyone they can.  Their hallmark motto is that they mainly provide birth control…..please tell me you don’t believe this lie.  They are lining their pockets with the blood of unborn children and the tears of women from every demographic and socio-economic background in this country.

There are countless videos on You Tube where you can witness their atrocities.  Planned Parenthood’s employees encourage young girls – LITTLE GIRLS – to abort their babies, sometimes without parental consent.  These employees stand by as sex traffickers bring their girls in for abortions and/or birth control pills.  They even counsel teenage girls about sexual prowess.  They despise ultrasounds and they balk when any form of regulation is mentioned by a politician or pro-lifer.  Why is that?  Why shouldn’t their regulations at minimum match that of a regular medical facility?  It’s ridiculous.  And the list goes on and on.

However, my point today is not about sharing heinous videos from You Tube or explaining in greater detail the evil that is Planned Parenthood.  Today I want to focus on the group of people who I believe can truly make the biggest difference in the pro-life cause. 

Mothers of aborted babies.

Christians and pro-lifers spend so much time denouncing the act of abortion – and rightly so – but I feel the mothers sometimes get lost in the rhetoric.  These are women who made a decision at one point in their lives to terminate their pregnancy.  Maybe now they have other kids.  Or maybe they were never able to conceive again.

But they get on Facebook and they read the commentaries of passionate pro-lifers, and while they might agree, perhaps they feel too shamed in their own regret and sadness to allow themselves an opinion. 
Yesterday the Huffington Post printed an article entitled, “95 percent of Women Do Not Regret Having an Abortion.”  I read about 3 paragraphs and called it BS.  That is just another lie from Satan meant to ultimately shame the women who do feel the loss.  There is no way there’s not regret in the hearts of these women.  No way.  We can’t sweep it under the rug and hope that time heals all wounds – it doesn’t.  And these women deserve to grieve.  Stop telling them “everyone else” feels no guilt.  LIES! 
My heart is broken for these women and I have a message for them:

If you haven’t already, come to God and ask for forgiveness. And forgive yourself!  God is there for you. He offers forgiveness and asks that you speak on behalf of the ones who have been silenced.

Don’t let your past stop you from protesting the most hideous act/law of our lifetime. 

There is No greater battle in our generation, yet half of us feel defeated because we are losing the inward battle of regret and depression. Not so. We are NOT defeated.

Don’t be pro-choice because you made the wrong choice. Be pro-life because you have repented and understand the enormity of what is happening here. 

Do we vote the way we do because we feel hypocritical robbing other women of the choice we’ve already made? At what cost?  What did it cost you? Would you wish that pain upon your worst enemy?

Perhaps we have chosen the representatives and presidential candidates that make us feel better about our own choices. But stop it!!  Be honest.  It hurts doesn’t it?  It doesn’t go away. Millions of mothers are suffering the wrong decision of abortion. What if you could stop one woman from making that choice?

Before we can save millions of babies in this country we have to save the mommies who are making this choice. We have to talk about it – YOU have to talk about it.  

Yell. Scream. So that others would choose differently. Your wrong choice does not disqualify you from having an opinion. 

More than anyone – YOU MUST SPEAK LOUDEST.  Tell our daughters what you learned. Tell them how much it hurt and changed you. Share how it affected your marriage and your emotional well-being.

For a time is coming when it will be too late. If one bad choice is keeping you silent, I encourage you to repent and speak.

These broken women are amongst us. I promise you know at least one woman who has terminated a pregnancy. They are normal, loving mothers and daughters. Some of them love Jesus and serve Him. And they regret their mistake. It haunts them and they feel discredited.
But we need them to speak. We need to empower them and stand by them so they can testify. We cannot abide this heinous sin any longer.  They have a story to tell and we need to let them tell it without judgment or criticism.
So when you are commenting on Facebook, remember the silent women.  They agree with you and their hearts are broken.  Pray for them to find comfort and to find a voice. 
Friend, I love you and I am praying for you today.  I’m so sorry for the tone we sometimes have on the pro-life side.  We need to do better embracing the mothers whose babies are in Heaven.

Today, I have made a choice.  I will speak.  I will loudly condemn abortion for the rest of my life and I will support and love women who’s lives have been devastated.  Roe v. Wade made it legal, but it didn’t make it right. 

Do you think God isn’t paying attention?  Do you think there is no curse in the money that is flowing into this agency?  YES, there is a curse!  Choose life or choose death.  When my money goes there, is that not choosing death? 
I will demand that my tax dollars STOP going to Planned Parenthood – a hard battle already being waged.  It seems insurmountable, but do I have the right to ask and beg that the federal funding stop?  I’m going to try.  We have to do something and now is the time.

A gay couple can sue a bakery because they won’t bake their wedding cake….why on earth can’t I protest my tax dollars funding abortions?  I can and I’m going to.

I took this step today, won’t you join me?


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